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July 16, 2014, Wednesday - Today is a sad day for the Philippines as Manila got hit by #TyphoonGlenda. :( Just wanted to put that into writing as I know this will go down the history with the amount of damage it will be leaving. We pray for the families who didn’t get to sleep last night and those who woke up to no roof or left with nothing. :( To those who have been checking out on us, thank you for the concern but we are safe and warm inside our humble home. No electricity but we have a portable radio on so we are still updated with news while strong winds and heavy rain are hitting against our windows. Stay indoors, guys. God bless us all…
#prayforPH #prayforthePhilippines – Read on Path.

#SaritasByChefMarby goodies that are ready to be picked up today. Yummy Choco Walnut Banana Loaf & our new Plain Banana Loaf. With our delicious Red Velvet Cupcakes. Yum yum! :)
PM me for inquiries and pricelist. :)

#bakedgoodies #homemade #homebaked #goodies #pastries #bananacake #bananabread #bananaloaf #ChefMarby #business #onlinebusiness #onlinebiz (at Sarita’s By Chef Marby)

Meet our new family member, Pichi… errrr… BAMBAM! She’s a very cute 2-month micro mini pinscher pup, a gift from a good friend. We picked her up from my friend’s place then met up with @samantapeirson18 & @fayeferia to check out some pet stuff at Cartimar Pet Center. Bambam was well accepted by her co-housemates, our Persian cat Booboo and Siamese cat Mingming. She felt so comfy at home right away. Let’s see how it goes during the first few days. I would like to be great cat & dog momma so I would appreciate any tips from other puppy/dog owners. :)
#newpuppyowner #bambam #microminipinscher #newbaby

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I missed this crazy bunch so much!!! We used to do lots of funny and crazy stuff in China and yesterday, we did lots of crazy stuff in Manila hahaha! We enjoyed watching our fave band Arpie & The Multivitamins and yes, we conquered the dance floor again with our old antics - as usual hahaha! I’m gonna share some of our old videos in the comments below (FB only) and witness that we really do know how to have fun. LOVE THESE GUYS TO THE BITS! :-) #friends #buddies #kachokaran (at Spicy Fingers, Greenbelt 2, Makati)

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