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What a great way to wake up this Wednesday! Patience is a virtue indeed! :) Thank you @Youtube for acting fast on my appeal to regain my old channel SARITAC. I lost a lot of my subscribers and lots of videos (which had issues) but I’m still lucky enough that I got my old account back and videos that matter most - my TV commercials, performances, travelogue, and other silly videos with my friends and my wonderful family. My videos and username/name are still not searchable on the net or on YouTube, but I’m patiently waiting - hope it won’t take forever though. For the meantime, you may view my videos on my blog or to this direct link to my Youtube account and please hit SUBSCRIBE. Thank you, #YOUTUBE!
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July 16, 2014, Wednesday - Today is a sad day for the Philippines as Manila got hit by #TyphoonGlenda. :( Just wanted to put that into writing as I know this will go down the history with the amount of damage it will be leaving. We pray for the families who didn’t get to sleep last night and those who woke up to no roof or left with nothing. :( To those who have been checking out on us, thank you for the concern but we are safe and warm inside our humble home. No electricity but we have a portable radio on so we are still updated with news while strong winds and heavy rain are hitting against our windows. Stay indoors, guys. God bless us all…
#prayforPH #prayforthePhilippines – Read on Path.

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